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 How to Train Your Proteges

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PostSubject: How to Train Your Proteges   Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:15 pm

Hey guys. With the new KGB in effect, I would love to lead you in how to train your proteges: KGB members that will assume your rank or a rank below you in the future. So, this is how you do it:

Step 1: Make an appointment with your protege. Simply send a message to him or her asking if they are available at such and such time. For this tutorial, I am a Sergeant and if I want to train KGB Awesome (only an imaginary member for this tutorial), I would send him a message over Xbox LIVE saying "Hey bro. If you are interested in training for the Sergeant position, can I begin training you on Wednesday @ 8 PM EST?" If you can chat live with the member, then discuss a time then or do it there and then. Besides that, you established a time that can be made for just a one-on-one training session between you and the member.

Step 2: Inform the member of his "potential" responsibilities. By "potential," I mean the responsibilities of the rank the member is being trained for. Use the information provided on our website's rank structure page to help you. For example, I would tell KGB Awesome that he needs at least 3 weeks of experience with KGB or approval from a Captain, help participate in his department, and help his superior officers with record-keeping and operations.

Step 3: Train the member in one duty at a time. Make sure you take your time with each task the member will be responsible for. For example, if KGB Awesome is a part of the KGB Graphics department, I would tell him that he can help his squad by producing graphic sigs for the community and could help his officers update their squad's records by creating and sending text documents that can be copied and pasted into the specified areas of the forums by the squad Captain (if you don't fully understand, more on this will come soon).

Step 4: Keep an eye on the member and have him or her work with you on your tasks. As soon as you believe he or she has enough experience, recommend the member for a promotion to the appropriate leadership, most of which will be towards the squad Captain.

And that's as easy as it gets, folks. I hope to see this put into effect immediately. thank you.
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How to Train Your Proteges
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