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 Some Background

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KGB Vicious

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PostSubject: Some Background   Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:07 pm

Hey guys I would just like to give some background info on myself since ive been and kgb and before.(other leaders are welcome to do this.)

Well it all started out in the summer of 2008. I was recurited by a lady named Courtney. She put me into KSI Shadow KGB where I became a pvt. Within the next couple of weeks I became a Sgt. I recurited about 20 or so new people into the squad. KSI SKORCH was a LT. at the time and they offered him a CPT postion he turned it down and gave it to me, and instead the promoted him to a Major. A few months go by and I became the new major. I then got to know more of the leaders of KGB like Chip, and Reck, and even Slayer. My final rank was Co-founder before he left KSI and formed KGB and a indepent Clan once again. Since then we have lost some leaders along the way but its been a ride and I plan to make KGB a better community.

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KGB Recklezz

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PostSubject: Re: Some Background   Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:23 pm

Man were do I start it has been a ride.

Well I joined KGB in I think late April of 2008 shortly after KGB Chipmunk joined. I started as a recruit in soviet when KGB Highadder was the general of it. We had within a few months of that the 2nd largest division in KSI with 800+ members and 9 squads. I moved up through the ranks in soviet to lt. The Chipmunk got promoted to General of the AK47 squad and I went over with him (what a mess it was). We got that squad into shape and I eventually became General of it. I was a Co-Founder of both Lethal and Coldwar before the transition.

The transition was interesting and very stressful. Slayeer, Sav, Adam, Chipmunk, and I started our plans for the transitions in secret meetings and after months of planning and organizing of our new structure, CoC, website, and much more, we unveiled the plan with the rest of the leadership and division. The transition was hard and it took really up until about the end of last may to get our foundation set and get rolling after we started in I believe February (IDK anymore). I know am one of the senior members and Founders for this awesome community and have dedicated a lot of time and effort and many motivational speeches to keep this community going.

Now I truly believe we are going in the right direction with the right plan and people. I am glad to see where we are and our goals being pursued and achieved. So this is too many more years of awesome gaming with awesome people.

-KGB Recklezz
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KGB Optimus
Unit Leader
Unit Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Some Background   Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:46 am

Oh how it feels like it was just yesterday that I decided to embark on the journey of community gaming.

I like viscious began with KSI in the summer of 2008. I was recruited by my good friend KSI Annihilator. I was placed in a new up in coming squad - Red Army. The general, KSI Killroy, was a good guy and under his wing I was promoted up from recruit to private to corp to Sarge. I then was transfered to Oceania for the great lengths of a weekend only to find myself in my true home, Cold War. At the time it was KSI Gamer3000dx who led that squad with the help of KSI Cruor. I was promoted to Lt. before i new it where I would learn the ways of leadership from some out of squad individuals: both Ibanez, and my good friend, Recklezz. Gamer3000 would end up going to jail leaving his spot vacant and with the Ibanez cruor battles I found myself as the highest ranking officer in coldwar recieving training from slayeer and the like. It was during this time that I was informed of the transition and the roll I would play in it. But like so many people my personal life would limit my ability to fully exert my abilities. Nontheless, KSI Battosai came to an end and KGB Optimus was born. I was given the position of Co-Unit Leader due to my frequent academic retreats. Under the collaboration of KGB firewind and myself we led Cold War to a peek only to be significantly set back by Devo. Our leadership left thin we reached out and with the help of Lethal stayed afloat.

Alas, another personal trouble affected my involvement in KGB - I had lost internet access for several monthes and the only thing keeping me in the loop was the website. I tried to help out where I could but I knew that I couldnt' be the unit leader that I had to be and so I stepped down from my position and leaving it to my protege, Sepulchure. But now I have regained my access to XBL and plan on helping KGB to prosper. We're one big family!

Viva la KGB!

- Optimus

- Optimus
Megatron: Why throw your life away so Recklezzly
Optimus: That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron.
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KGB Chipmunk

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PostSubject: Re: Some Background   Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:36 pm


I started with KGB back in the days of KSI in March of 2008 through the squad Soviet. From there, I was promoted all the way up to Major of that squad, more like co-major with a guy named KSI Bloodwrath. Soon after, he assumed the General position of Soviet and I took the General position of AK47 (probably the best position in KSI). Me and Recky fixed it up with the help of some good officers (Captains and Lieutenants) and about a couple of months later was promoted to Co-Founder. I then was transferred to a division called MK (Mortal Kombat) to help restore itself. That was unsuccessful, no matter how much I tried. So, if I remember correctly, I was trying to bring up the idea of merging MK into KGB. During that time, Project Purity (our plan to make KGB independent) was in the works and I had received one or two promotions up to a temporary Director over both KGB and MK. I was glad that we had moved from KSI just then because I did NOT want to be a Director. Too much work. So, KGB has endured through its trials and afflictions since and here we are.

I love leading a gaming community filled with others that are dedicated to the same mission: CONQUER THE WORLD AND MAKE EVERYONE EAT DONU--*ehem!*-- I mean, create a great experience for those who join our army. Together, we will achieve this mission. We are family. We are KGB.

- KGB Chipmunk
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PostSubject: Re: Some Background   

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Some Background
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