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 Recruitment Tutorial

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KGB Chipmunk

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PostSubject: Recruitment Tutorial   Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:48 pm

Recruiting is definitely one of our strongest tools in KGB. It allows us to get people into our community, thus allowing us to grow. Therefore, if you plan on bringing in others with you, you should know how to properly do so. Here is the tutorial.

I. Looking for Recruits

Recruits can be found from just about anywhere: the neighbor next door, someone from school, your Xbox LIVE friends list, and your recent players list - the best opportunity available. Now the first two are up to you, but I personally have never recruited someone from my personal life (except for KGB Recklezz, my brother). As for people on your friends and recent player lists, it is as simple as spamming out a message or directing a message only to one desired individual. Now, to send a message to either just one or multiple people at one time, EITHER friends or recent players:

1. Press the Xbox 360 Guide button on your controller and select the "Messages" option on the window that first appears to you.
2. Select the option "Create a New Message."
3. Select the option "Edit Recipients" and begin selecting those people whom you want to send a message to. To find your recent players on this list, you MUST find the very end of your friends on THIS list. The Gamer Tag that follows the last of your OFFLINE friends should be the first of your recent players list. Once you have selected your desired recipients, press B.
4. Now, select "Edit Text" and begin creating a message addressing joining KGB. You may be inclined to use the voice message, but I believe a text message yields better results due to its ease of being quickly opened and read, which is what most gamers want because they want to get back to their game.
- A good example of a recruitment message would be this: "Hey there! I am inviting you to join KGB, an awesome gaming community dedicated to doing just about anything for fun. We do everything from Forge to GameBattles. Reply if interested."
5. Now send the message and await any replies. This may take a while, so playing a game or a few is not a problem.

If you do receive a message(s), open the message. If the person replies with an affirmative to join, select the "View Profile" option within that message and invite them to your game lobby (provided that you are in one at that moment). Once they have joined your lobby, you are ready to start the next phase.

II. Hooking a Gamer Up

Now that you have your recruit(s) in a lobby, you will need to guide them through six easy steps to joining our community:

1. Read the recruit(s) the KGB Code of Conduct. You can find it here. Once you are done reading it, make sure that they understand what you have said.
2. Get the recruit(s) into uniform. In Call of Duty, it is as simple as changing the clan tag to "KGbP." However, it is a little more complex in Halo 3, or Halo: Reach when available.
a) Open up your settings and select appearance.
b) Select the emblem option.
c) Locate the icon "Delta." It should look like two V's, one on top of the other. Once you have located this icon, toggle it by pressing the X button. This should leave only one V.
d) Locate the background "Vertical Stripe." It should look like a rectangle going longways up and down.
e) Leave the emblem section and locate the colors section. Select the colors as appropriate to the squad and unit.
- For example, if I am placing someone into the squad Alpha of the unit ColdWar, I would color in the icon "Blue" and the background "Cobalt."
3. Have the recruit(s) change his/her/their motto(es). To do this:
a) Have the recruit(s) press the Xbox 360 Guide button on his/her/their controller(s).
b) Go over to the settings tab on the guide and select "Profile."
c) Select "Edit Profile" and then "Motto."
d) Have the recruit(s) input the following: "KGB (squad) (unit)."
- For example, if I am recruiting someone into Alpha ColdWar, I would have the recruit input the following: "KGB Alpha ColdWar".
4. Have the recruit(s) send a friend request to the Gamer Tag of the unit you are recruiting into. You can do this either by:
a) Pressing the Xbox 360 Guide button on the controller, selecting the "Friends" option on the window the first appears, selecting "Add a Friend" on your friends list, and inputting the Gamer Tag of the desired unit; or
b) Having the recruit(s) highlight your name in the game lobby, selecting the option "View Gamer Card," move one page to the right and selecting "View Friends." They can then locate the Gamer Tag of the unit you are recruiting into. This ONLY works if you have that unit tag on YOUR friends list.
5. Input whom that gamer(s) was recruited by in their bio. To do this:
a) Press the Xbox 360 guide button on your controller.
b) Go over to the settings tab on the guide and select "Profile."
c) Select "Edit Profile" and then "Bio."
d) Input "Recruited by (name of recruiter) on (date)."
6. Finally, explain the recruit some core concepts such as the rank structure, how we operate, and our website and forums. This will help get them more involved and better connected with KGB.

And that is it! Remember that it is just as important to keep that member involved as it is to recruit him/her. If that person is finding nothing in KGB, then what was the point of your work? Try to play with that member and invite him/her into your game nights, meetings, contests...whatever! If you have any questions, let me know on Xbox LIVE or below.

- KGB Chipmunk

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PostSubject: Re: Recruitment Tutorial   Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:53 pm

Wow, that was superb! You should put this as a Global Announcement, I think people will find this very helpful.
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Recruitment Tutorial
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